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your outdoor living space with Solid Rock!

From built in grills, pizza ovens, sinks, fridges, and even tv's let us build you the outdoor living space that makes the most sense for your design taste. Outdoor kitchens are one of the latest trends in our industry. With our climate being conducive to spending at least parts of 9 of the 12 months outdoors, we will draw up and implement for you the right outdoor entertaining area.

If you love to cook and/or bake and entertain, outdoor kitchens are the way to go. You can be outside enjoying your hobby while making food on a beautiful day or evening. Solid Rock’s particular attention to detail and our many years of experience, plus our creativity make us the right choice to install your outdoor living enhancements of whatever types you decide.

Outdoor ovens are not only for making delicious pizzas, they are also used to make cookies, pies, and other baked goods. Granite or marble countertops provide a beautiful countertop. Normal oven created dinners can be made outdoors now too. Heating these ovens with wood from a fruit tree will further enhance the flavor. Outdoor grills can be permanently built into your patio space so that you can grill up your favorite food throughout the year.

Sinks and refrigerators can also be installed to give you a fully functional kitchen. Not to be outdone, outdoor television sets are also becoming very popular. Whether you want to watch your favorite show or if you are huge sports fan like myself- you can watch Bryce Harper and the Phillies take on the rest of the MLB or the Birds go up against whomever they’re facing that week-you can do so outdoors whenever you wish!

George Drizos / Southeastern, PA

"Rob Jr. worked with us to develop a plan we had confidence in, then organized and executed it on the schedule he promised. He provided clear options to help the project match our budget. He is level-headed, patient, knowledgeable, competent, professional, and very pleasant to work with. He and his crew worked together efficiently and effectively. It was exciting each day to see the progress they made in bringing our vision for our backyard to life. We can’t imagine doing future outdoor projects with any other landscaping company."

Let's make your vision come to life.
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