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Walkways & Driveways


by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute in Patio & Walk construction.

This means we build our patios, walks, and driveways to meet their strict standards for interlocking concrete paver installation. This gives you the peace of mind that your paver project will stand the tests of time! We provide a written guarantee as well on all of our work.


What material should I use for my patio?

With the ongoing innovation of the top paver companies in the industry, there is a wide selection of paver styles to choose from. Our team works to continually combine their experience & knowledge with new innovating technologies and product offerings to complete each project with guaranteed industry leading quality.

Pavers are available in a variety of colors, textures, thicknesses, and sizes. Utilizing different colors & styles within one project to highlight curves, borders, or patterns will give your paver project a unique look. Our experienced design staff will work to create a custom design based on your property and project goals.

If you have an existing concrete pad, patio, or even your front porch, that is not cracked or damaged, a great choice is to overlay this with a paver or natural stone. There is a proper technique that is vital to this being a successful transition. We will share with you the process that we use to ensure that proper adhesion, water management and finished look is all achieved. This is a more economical solution yet equally stunning, when the circumstances allow it.

Southeastern, PA has one of the most brutal freeze/thaw cycles in the United States. This makes paver installation a much better choice than concrete. Unless concrete is done perfectly correct it will fail and crack, leaving you with major and costly issues. When installed professionally, and by qualified contractors, pavers will withstand the elements and will not shift in the constant freeze/thaw of the bitter cold winters.

Steve and Alicia Fanella / Boyertown, PA

"We are now the talk of the town thanks to the incredible job you and your guys did in designing and installing our new walkway outside our home in Boyertown. The paver design was something that we did not even consider until you came to us with it as an option. We are so happy that we went that route. The pattern and the quality really show well. We are extremely happy with the work that was done in a timely manner and within our budget. Thanks for the great job and we look forward to using you and your company for future projects."

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