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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls come in various types, shapes, and sizes. They can be constructed out of manufactured block to natural boulders, natural stone types. They also serve multiple functions. From retaining an embankment, to use as a seating area- there are many different ways to make use of a retaining wall. Whether you need steps or a retaining wall or both to solve your grade dilemma, Solid Rock promises to build you a strong, fully functional, and pleasing solution.



Steps are another great element to add to your landscape design. They can be easily created using natural stone flat boulders or manufactured step blocks. Steps are often a necessity within the landscape to travel up and down the grade of your yard. Steps will tie in nicely with a retaining wall, and help to hold the earth back, all the while providing a path to the top or bottom of your landscape. We highly recommend adding steps of any type to your design, you can't go wrong!


Mr. and Mrs. Don T. / Douglassville, PA

"Our E.P. Henry wall and plantings really finish our outside space wonderfully! They really compliment our home. We are going have you back to do the patio and back yard next year."

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