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Meet Our Owner!

Hello everyone out there in the landscaping world!

My name is Rob Kurtz. I have been in the Landscaping/Hardscaping Industry for 41 years. I recall the days spent during my early teens years working my summers away for my brother’s landscape business. I have not turned back since those memorable days! I am now the proud owner of Solid Rock Landscaping, located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are a #DesignBuild firm who also does year round maintenance and many different types of work within the landscape profession.

My family is heavily involved in the business as well. My wife, Mary, is our Office Manager, our son, Robert, is Operations Manager, our youngest son, Daniel, is a Jobsite Foreman, and Robert’s fiancée, Alyssa, is our Marketing Director. Our middle son, Jeb, works for the business in the summer when he is not playing baseball and attending college. Our daughter, Maryelle, helps out wherever needed when she is not working hard on her school studies.

Through the years I have seen the face of the landscape industry change drastically and mostly all for the better. When I first started laying pavers back in the early 1980’s there were only a few styles available. The profession has come a long way! In the coming months I would like to shine a spotlight on the many different aspects of a landscape that will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

I really enjoy working in this industry and, even though I’m getting older (as my sons and younger employees like to point out), I still wake up most mornings excited to go to my job.

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